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“Wyuna” an aboriginal name meaning by clear water is situated in south east Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula and is where Felicity & Elizabeth Wischer breed and train Performance Horses. Their aim is to produce horses who have great temperaments and conformation.

Wyuna Performance Horses was established in 2001 initially as a breeding stud. Wyuna has developed into a breeding, coaching, consultation and training facility

Performance Horses
Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Felicity works with riders who have lost their confidence and helps them put a training system into placed to get back in the saddle. Fear and loss of confidence is an emotionally crippling experience for anyone who loves their horse and wants to ride and feel happy, safe and in control. It doesn’t matter how long you have been out of the saddle or if you are...

equine bodywork

Holistic Bodywork

ETRT is a natural, holisitic method of treating horses who have become structurally stiff and sore and present themselves as being out of sorts and ‘not quite right’. It is based upon the principles of and combination of myofascial therapy, trigger point therapy and equine acupressure.Felicity has worked on horses around the world. Some of her clients include...

Performance Horses

Performance Horses

TOUCH OF HONOUR – Drum – has been part of this family since 2005. His and Lil’s achievements together are many from grade 4 pony club to One Star eventing and everything in between. There isn’t too much this combination have not done together. This fella is worth his weight in gold with how much he has taught Lil. WYUNA CLEAR IMAGE - Ace – the magnificent bay...