Holistic Bodywork

equine bodywork

Felicity is passionate about helping horses and their owners/riders  to be able to ride and compete at their best possible level.  She is a certified Equine Tension Release (ETRT) and Equine Massage Therapist. She is also an  Equine Ergonomist  for Saddle Fit 4 Life having trained with Peter Horobin.  She is currently studying a Diploma in Acupuncture (Equine).  She trained with Alistair Brooks  in Australia for the ETRT and received her Equine Massage certification in the United States with Greg Gage of Therassage EMC.

ETRT is a natural, holisitic method of treating horses who have become structurally stiff and sore and present themselves as being out of sorts and ‘not quite right’. It is based upon the principles of and combination of myofascial therapy, trigger point therapy and equine acupressure.

Massage is the use of the hands, fingers and sometimes the elbows to work on the soft tissues of the horse’s body to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. It alleviates pain and can be used as a preventative and maintenance therapy for horses. In addition, massage can also be used as part of the warm-up and cool down routine before and after exercise and competition.

Felicity has worked on horses around the world. Some of her clients include the horses of John Lyons in the USA and Gold Medal para-Olympian Joann Formosa.

If you have would like a consultation for your horse including advice on saddle fit please call Felicity on 0417344725.