Myofascial Trigger Points Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger-Point therapy is used in conjunction often with massage and/or myofascial therapy. Trigger point therapy uses long, sustained pressure from either the practitioners thumbs or fingers (maybe even the elbow) directly onto the myofascial trigger points. It works by initially causing restriction of the blood flow to the area (called ‘ischaemia’) which in turn reduces the supply of oxygen and glucose as well. When the pressure is released blood flows back in abundance to the area re-oxygenating the restricted area and aiding in the recovery and repair.

It is the aim of trigger point therapy to deactivate the area of tension and pain and then allow the returning blood to warm and heal the area and help stimulate metabolic processes required for healing. Trigger points which are ‘active’ are quite painful and by eliminating them the pain is decreased significantly for the horse.