Felicity has worked on my horses for approximately 12 months. Over the years I have had other forms of practitioners work on my horses with minimal results. The first experience I had with Felicity and ETRT was amazing. My quarter horse gelding was transformed into a different horse. I couldn’t believe how different he felt to ride. I have Felicity travelling to the Riverina every 3 months to work on my horses now. It is a pleasure dealing with a horse person/ practitioner with the skills and knowledge that Felicity possesses. I can recommend Felicity to anyone, your horses will love you for it! My whole horse experience has been transformed from meeting this amazing lady.

Natalie O'Leary, NSW

I have been lucky enough have had Felicity join me on my riding journey 11 months ago, and boy, what a journey it has been. When I arrived for my first lesson, I unloaded a very nervous and underweight Thoroughbred. He was unbalanced, insecure and in pain. From day one, Felicity has provided Ace and I nothing but support and care, and really nurtured our potential. She is a wealth of knowledge, not just in the art of riding, but also with horse nutrition, physiology and anatomy, and natural horsemanship principals. Today Ace is a very contented horse, who self loads onto the float, travels in a lovely frame around the arena, jumps with enthusiasm and enjoys his massages. I am so grateful for all I have learnt from Felicity and the confidence both Ace and I have in our abilities and each other. I’m so looking forward to continuing our journey under Felicity’s guidance.

Erin Taylor (Main Ridge)

Gunnamatta Trail Rides

Gunnamatta Trail Rides